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Icons, Banners, Graphics, etc. dedicated to the motion picture: "300"

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Welcome to 300_icons. Rules are posted. Read them.

❶ This community is only for posting icons/headers/friends only banners/mood themes/wallpapers/screencaps related to the 300 movie. Anything other than what's in the list will be deleted with a warning.
❷ When posting more than three icons, post them under a cut. Only three teaser icons per post.
❸ Teaser icons must ONLY be related to the community's topic - you may post links to mutli-fandom posts but the teaser icons MUST be from the 300 movie. (example below) [please no friends locked entries.]
❹ Please don't post a long list of every icon in your post just a short summary will do.
❺ Thumbnail large graphics. Thumbnails should be at least smaller or equal to 200px in width.
❻ No foul language, harassing, bullying etc. You'll be banned.
❼ Do not disable comments. If something is wrong in your post and I am unable to tell you through the post, your post will be deleted.
❽ Credit when taking graphics from its user(s) and no hot-linking.
❾ No requests. Ask the maker personally if you'd like something from them. Whether or not they fulfill your request is up to them.
❿ If you have a problem with something, post a reply here.
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